Health Benefits of Carrots

Carrots are a type of super-foods, crunchy and creamy with vitamin A, also providing many health benefits like maintaining healthy skin, perfect eye vision, anti-aging properties and preventing several types of cancer.


You will no longer need to search for Vitamin A based pills and nutritional supplements to maintain your hair or skin beautiful and younger for a longer time, you will just add some tasty orange carrots to your daily meals and you will benefit from many healthy changes and improvements without adding additive or synthetic substances into your organism.

Health benefits of carrots

  1. Improved eye vision

First of all, carrots are filled with beta-carotene substances, which are transformed by the liver into vitamin A. This critical vitamin will improve your eye’s ability to see through the night because it maintains a healthy retina inside your eyes.

Several clinical trials recorded that beta-carotene also can protect against macular degeneration and senile cataracts related to the aging process which occurs in time.

  1. Protects against aging effects

It seems that beta-carotene inside carrots also prevent tissues damaging and is a real help in treating and renewing your body cells, slowing down the aging process and its negative effects. Your entire metabolism will also be boosted and will function properly, providing new waves of energy for different tasks.

  1. Provides a healthy skin

The antioxidant substances and vitamin A from the carrots protect and renew the skin damaged by sunburns, also releasing the pain related to these sunburns. If a vitamin A deficiency occurs in your body, it leads to dry skin, nails, and hair, making them more fragile and more accessible to damage. The proper consumption of vitamin A form the carrots will prevent premature wrinkling, skin spots and different tones, irregular pigmentation and dry skin or damaged hair, so we can say that carrots are some youth-providing vegetables and tasty raw crunches.

  1. Help in preventing different infections

The carrots are perfect to boost the immune system and prevent various types of viral or bacterial diseases and medical conditions. These orange vegetables can help strengthen your immune system, defending it from any illness, if they are consumed raw or boiled to keep all their good vitamins and minerals beneficial for a perfect body’s overall functioning.

  1. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

The regular consumption of carrots will lead to decreased and healthy levels of LDL or bad cholesterol because all the good fibers inside carrots will adequately bind with bile acids. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene as well as in alpha-carotene and lutein, essential nutrients which have the power to prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases r heart attacks.

  1. Cleansing property

Some clinical research revealed that the vitamin A from the carrots could help the liver to release all the harmful toxins inside your organism. Carrots also help in reducing the levels of fat and bile inside the liver which can slow down its functioning and can cause related illnesses. The good fibers provided by the carrots can help in colon cleansing and bowel movements, promoting a healthy digestion and a proper waste removal outside your body, leading to general well-being.

Written on June 17, 2014