Cocoa: Dosage, Uses and Side Effects

Cocoa is one of the world’s vegetal miracle, a particular plant with health benefits properties which successfully competes with any other energy providing, cells renewing and anti-aging plant, extract or natural supplement.

Cocoa has the botanical name Theobroma Cacao, and it is also known as chocolate, a super-food searched by many people that think Cocoa even beats all fruits and vegetables in nutritional properties.

For many years, cocoa was considered to be unhealthy and even ‘sinful’ for the great pleasure provided when consumed, but now cocoa is declared by many great researchers one of the most healthy and necessary substance after water.

Health benefits of cocoa

Cocoa is a powerful antioxidant with great ant carcinogenic, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory properties which protect and provides your natural body barriers against aging and cell degradation.

Lower blood pressure

Cocoa lowers the levels of blood-pressure and provides elasticity to your blood vessels because it is rich in flavonoid and antioxidants that prevent oxidative processes and maintains your heart healthy and strong. This way, you will no longer concern about high blood-pressure associated disease.

Anti-oxidant properties

Some recent medical studies revealed that cocoa is a strong, safe anti-oxidant with the capacity of preventing oxidative free-radicals from forming inside your body, this way maintaining body cells healthier and younger for an extended period. In fact, cocoa might be a more powerful anti-oxidant that red wine, red tea, and green tea together.

Keeps your brain healthy

If you still wonder what do you need to have a more youthful, faster, brighter mind, then cocoa is the answer. Studies showed that cocoa enhances your memory, boosts your memory and helps brain blood flowing, preventing dangerous health conditions like a vascular disease.

Low cholesterol

In some studies, cocoa showed its properties of lowering the levels of glucose and cholesterol levels, preventing your heart from getting ill.

So include in your regular diet this awesome product, and your heart will thank you, and you will be able to do a variety of interesting things.


From all the oxidative processes inside your body result in a high oxidative stress and complicates the symptoms of diabetes, giving high sugar levels. But cocoa helps these levels to decrease and prevents diabetic nephrotoxicity.

With more than 700 amazing substances inside its composition, cocoa is one of the world’s greatest natural products because it has miraculous properties of lowering cholesterol, sugar, heart disease preventing, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and will provide your body all the energy and nutrients it needs in order to function well, with less effort from your side.

Written on May 15, 2012