Cancer Fighting Superfoods: What You Need to Know

Mother Nature has always been very generous and thoughtful with human beings, providing us not only shelters and feeding for our living, but also some excellent vegetable sources of youth, restoring and many incredible health benefits, including fighting against terrible diseases like cancer, which is affecting many people around the world.

Researchers allege in their clinical studies a constant connection between adopting a healthy diet and cancer prevention or even treatment; they strongly encourage people to eat more plant-based foods with quality fibers, phytonutrients, and other essential healthy compounds.

It is recommended to eat five up to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, and this includes all vegetable sources, but there are some special ones with higher cancer-preventing qualities, and here they are:


It is a cruciferous veggie, related to cabbage, kale and cauliflower, a vegetable food which contains the proper amount of nutrients like sulforaphane, a unique compound which increases the productivity of enzymes which protect our organism in fighting against cancer. This particular protein removes out the toxins responsible for cancer development, especially the cells that help in tumor growth.

Added on different recipes like salads, omelet and even on pizza, broccoli will fight against breast and prostate cancer, skin, lung and liver types of cancer disease.


According to some late medical research, it seems that all berries are filled with benefic phytonutrients, but black raspberry contain the proper amount of these cancer-fighting essential elements, called anthocyanins, which prevent the growth and development of premalignant cancer cells and also prevent new blood vessels from forming, cutting the blood supply for damaging cancer cells and tumors.

The consumption of half cup of berries per day should successfully prevent skin, colon and esophageal, oral types of cancer.

There are also some supplements and a powder containing high concentrations of nutrients from berries, but the natural source is always the best, so you should consume them raw and fresh as possible.


Our modern, processed food is filled with some bad elements and preservatives, like nitrates which once ingested, they can form nitrosamines, some carcinogens, inside your stomach and intestines. The phytochemicals found in garlic can prevent and stop the development of these carcinogens, this way keeping cancer away from your body.

Some clinical trials showed some positive reactions and results on lowering up to 50% the chances to develop a kind of intestinal cancer in women eating larger quantities of garlic that those who eat less.

Garlic may prevent some bad types of cancer, like breast cancer, esophageal, intestinal and colon cancer, so it is recommended to consume it after crushing and chopping it because chopping releases the good enzymes and added in any regular diet or meal. It is delicious and it is also a special provided by the careful nature surrounding us.

Written on October 11, 2016