Bacopa Monnieri: Natural Nootropic or Hype?

Bacopa Monnieri is a nootropic medicinal herb, used for many years as an adjuvant in memory-related problems, cognition boost, prevention of mental degradation in Alzheimer disease and much more helpful uses.

Bacopa Monnieri is also known as brahmi in traditional Hindi medicine, and it is an important ingredient in many dietary supplements that allege to have properties like nootropic improvement, decreasing the levels of stress and anxiety and keeping mind and body improved and healthier.

Bacopa Monnieri helps your brain to function properly As years pass by, the human is getting older, and at the same time, the same process involves the brain structure, leading to all kind of mental issues and degeneration. You will no longer be able to remember small things or important things, but Bacopa promises to help you regain your long or short-term memory, repair brain tissues, give strength to brain cells. Even more, there are few studies made on a sample of few human subjects or on animals that reveal Bacopa Monnieri might prevent brain damaging and degeneration related to Alzheimer condition.

Antioxidant extract

You’ve probably heard of lots of products with antioxidant properties that oxidation of the cells, a process caused by the presence of free radicals in your body. So Bacopa Monnieri alleges to be another strong antioxidant because of its natural origins and herbal properties. This means that by taking Bacopa, you might prevent the degradation of body or brain cell. Still, there are not sufficient studies to prove this.

Blood pressure back to normal

Brahmi might also help in vascular muscle problems by boosting these processes, leading to another benefit, the normalizing of blood pressure and overall health. So if you know you have some issues with blood pressure, you should try this herbal extract for possible treatment.

Liver health provider

This nootropic herb called Bacopa Monnieri also claims to help liver function; liver is a vital organ that blocks all the toxins inside your body, so Bacopa claims to have the property of maintaining and restoring liver for a proper functioning and toxin elimination. Your liver will be grateful to have an aid from brahmi’s side.

Bacosides from Bacopa Monnieri helps to prevent brain damage and cognition of newborn infants with induced-hypoglycemia. Newborns sometimes suffer from low sugar levels, leading to hypoglycemia and irreversible brain damage and cell structure so that Bacopa might be a prevention product in hypoglycemia condition in newborns.

So either you’re thinking of a brain booster, a liver protection or blood-pressure stabilizer, you may find Bacopa Monnieri an efficient herb, but consider there are no worth-trusty studies to reveal that it works as promised.

Written on October 15, 2017