6 Interesting Uses of Lemons You Never Knew Existed

Lemons are much more than just some yellow fruits with a sour taste; besides adding an interesting, strong taste to your cooked chicken or drank as fresh lemonades or tea, lemons can also be used in many different ways and with different purposes, like skin youth, hair health providing or even deodorizing your house. Here are some interesting uses of this colorful, loved fruit:

Lemons can make metal surfaces to shine

Because they contain an acid named citric acid, lemons can be a special polish method for metal surfaces like stainless steel, chrome or aluminum. All you have to do is to simply cut a lemon in half and scrub the surface of these metal objects to provide a shiny, polished texture. If you want maximum results, you can mix some lemon juice with baking soda or table salt and the surfaces will be perfectly and gentle polished, without leaving scratches or other marks.

Kill unwanted weeds from your garden

This is an efficient method for your garden if you spray some lemon juice on the plants, but keeping the acid from the lemons away from flowers of bushes because it can also kill ‘the good green guys’ too.

Removing stains

The stains from your clothes, sofa or even from your rug can be removed with lemon juice. For your clothing outfits, you can add plenty of lemon juice on the stain and then sprinkle some salt and rubbing it inside the fibers. Then, put your clothes in the washing machine, and the results are surprising. For your rugs, do the same and then, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the extra salt that remained on the carpet.

Tasty stakes

The citric acid from the lemon fruits can ‘destroy’ the fibers from the meat to make it more tender and of course, delicious too, so you will enjoy a perfectly cooked, tender steak with a pleasant, sour flavor coming from the sunny yellow lemon. You can also make cheese, or something close to buttermilk of you add two tablespoons of lemon juice into boiling milk. The results are spectaculars and easy to make, not to mention of the delicious taste of foods made with lemon juice.

Whitening your nails

Your nails can become too dry or with a yellow tent if you use nail acetone or nail polish, so the best way to solve this matter and benefit from beautiful, healthy nails is to blend some lemon juice with olive oil and then soaking your nails in this solution. Not only that your nails will no longer have stains after this treatment, but they will also be completely strong, without future damaging.

Natural lightener for your hair

If you apply some lemon juice on your hair before exposing yourself to the sun, you will benefit from a natural, safe lightener. Lemon juice is also an excellent treatment for a dry scalp, for dandruff or even for other scalp problems, so you should feel free to apply it on your hair because the hair will be thankful to you for this natural, strong nice-smelling treatment.

Written on April 16, 2013