10 Most Common Yoga Techniques for Beginners

Yoga is a very popular practice to achieve a balance between your body and mind and to have a healthy lifestyle.

On a psychological level, yoga helps you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings and helps you to express them more effectively, and on a physical level, yoga helps you to improve your endurance, strength, and flexibility.


There are many ways to practice yoga. Furthermore, we will see ten of the most popular yoga techniques or positions which are recommended both for women and men.

  1. The lotus pose The lotus position is adapted to allow the body to remain entirely steady for long periods of time. This allows your mind to calm and helps you to establish a pattern of breathing as you begin your yoga practice. The lotus pose is the first step towards meditation.

  2. Downward facing dog This position is popular because it stretches your upper body as well as your lower part of the body. This helps your joints and your muscles to relax. You need to remain in this position one minute or three, and then rest in Child’s pose.

  3. Half lord of the fishes If you are a beginner, you must be careful while practicing this pose, because otherwise, you might twist your back or neck if it is not done properly. This pose when is done correctly, it energizes your spine and helps you to stretch your shoulders and hips.

  4. Head to knee - forward bend This pose helps you to relax your muscles, stretch your shoulders and hips and it also helps relieve the menstrual pain and discomfort.

  5. The cobra pose This is one of the most popular backbend poses. An advice for beginners: don’t overdo the backbend. It stimulates abdominal organs, helps you to stretch your chest, shoulders, and abdomen, strengthens your spine, great for asthma treatment, it helps you to get rid of stress and fatigue.

  6. The crane pose This pose is recommended for a more experienced yoga practitioner. It involves lifting your body off the ground and putting your entire weight on your arms. This pose stretches your hips and your upper back.

  7. The supported shoulder stand This pose is performed with a blanket support under the shoulders; it calms the brain and relieves mild depression.

  8. Triangle pose Triangle pose focuses on thighs; it strengthens the knees and the ankles and creates balance. Practicing triangle pose can generate symmetry throughout your entire body.

  9. Child’s pose This is viewed as a restorative pose because it has a calming effect. You use this pose to rest after downward facing dog pose. It is a middle pose that means it can be done between other more challenging poses to help you relax.

  10. Standing forward bend In this pose, you start in a standing position and slowly lean your body forward. This posture improves digestion, strengthens the thighs and the knees, and helps you to reduce anxiety and stress.

Yoga is more than a discipline, is a way of life. If you decide to follow this lifestyle, you need to know that to get more familiar with the poses mentioned above, and to execute them correctly you need to go to a professional, go to yoga classes and after you acquire more experience you can continue your yoga routine at home.

Written on October 7, 2017